Icon Marketing is a full service marketing firm with one MISSION:

Our mission is to help your company execute its marketing goals. Icon Marketing is a prototype marketing firm, formed for today’s fast-moving company. We bring every marketing tool available to the table to promote your company and build revenues, not just pretty ads. In many cases, we act as a defacto internal, yet independent, marketing department, helping execute most or all of what a marketing department would. However, many clients hire Icon to provide a single service. Enough about us. Call Icon today. Let’s get moving and get it done.

Icon Applied

Client: Regional Tire Retailer:
Icon engaged a prominent tire retailer after the client had spent (and wasted) a 6-digit sum on PPC spending with a Google AdWords reseller disguised as YellowReachArcVisible (or some other fancy-shmancy name). The client had very little to show for their spend. Whether the failure was the fault was on the client or service side we’ll never know. We just knew the Pay Per Click spending was not delivering an acceptable ROI. When Icon was brought in the company ranked for 10 out of the 500 keywords they were targeting, so in reality, they were forced into having to buy a huge percentage off their traffic via PPC.  (more)

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